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SAP FICO Online Training by world class certified SAP FICO consultants offered by TECHSOL  through online. SAP FICO Online Training covers General ledger, Accounts receivable, Accounts payable and Controlling. Below is detailed SAP FICO Online training course.

SAP FI/CO Course Content

Introduction: ______________________________________________________1 Day
Ø  SAP Architecture
Ø  Methodology
Ø  SAP Modules

Financial Accounting (FI) & Controlling (CO):

Enterprise Structure:_____________________________________________________1 Day
Organization Level & Assignment:
Ø  Company
Ø  Company Code
Ø  Business Area
Ø  Functional Area
Ø  FM Area
Ø  Segment
Ø  Profit Center
Ø  Valuation Level
Ø  Controlling Area

Financial Accounting (FI):

General  Functionalities/Parameters : _____________________________________  1 Day
Ø  Fields Status Variant – Field Status Group - Fields
Ø  Fiscal Year Variant – Posting Periods
Ø  Document  - Document Types – Number Ranges – Posting Keys
Ø  Currencies – Exchange Rates

General Ledger Accounting (GL)  _________________________________________5 Days
Ø  Chart of Account
Ø  Account Group 
Ø  New General Ledger Accounting (New GL)
·         Ledger
·         Planning
·         Parallel  Currencies
·         Profit Center Accounting
·         Segmental Accounting
·         Document Splitting
·         Allocation 
Ø  Tolerance Groups for G/L Accounts &   Employees
Ø  Foreign Currency Valuation
Ø  Financial Statement Versions
Ø  Recurring  & Accrual  Engine  
Ø  Document Parking & Postings
Ø  Validation and Substitutions
Ø  Reports

Taxes: __________________________________________________________________3 Days
Ø  Tax on Sales/Purchases
Ø  Extended Withholding Tax
Ø  Postings
Ø  Reports

Accounts Payable (AP) & Account Receivable (AR):  ___________________________5 Days
Ø  Master Data – Vendor/Customer  Group – Number Ranges
Ø  Terms of Payment
Ø  Tolerances (Vendors/Customers)
Ø  Payment Block
Ø  Down Payments (Advances)
Ø  Interest Calculation
Ø  Dunning
Ø  Correspondence
Ø  Automatic Clearing
Ø  Postings
Ø  Reports

Cash/Bank: ______________________________________________________________3 Days
Ø  House Banks
Ø  Cash Journal
Ø  Cheque Printing
Ø  Bills of Exchange
Ø  Automatic Payment Program
Ø  Manual Bank Reconciliation
Ø  Electronic Bank Reconciliation

Fixed Asset (FA): _________________________________________________________3 Days
Ø  Chart of Depreciation
Ø  Assets Classes
Ø  Integration with the General Ledger
Ø  Depreciation Areas
Ø  Depreciation Methods
Ø  Depreciation Keys
Ø  Asset Master
Ø  Asset Under Construction
Ø  Settlement
Ø  Postings – Acquisitions -  Retirements  - Transfers – etc.,
Ø  Reports

Integration: _______________________________________________________________1 Day
Ø  Material Management – Financial Accounting (MM –FI)
Ø  Sales and Distribution – Financial Accounting (SD-FI)
Ø  Human Resources – Financial Accounting (HR-FI)

Controlling  (CO):

Cost Element Accounting (CEA):  _____________________________________________1 Day
Ø  Primary Cost Elements
Ø  Secondary Cost Elements
Ø  Cost Element Groups
Ø  Reports

Cost Center Accounting (CCA): ______________________________________________3 Days
Ø  Cost Center
Ø  Cost Center Group
Ø  Activity Types
Ø  Cost Center Planning
Ø  Statistical Key Figures
Ø  Distribution
Ø  Assessment
Ø  Reports

Internal Orders (IO):  ______________________________________________________3 Days
Ø  Order Master Data
Ø  Order Group
Ø  Planning
Ø  Budgeting and Availability Control
Ø  Commitments and Funds Commitments
Ø  Reports

Controlling –Profitability Analysis (CO-PA):                                                                      _2 Days
Ø  Operating Concern
Ø  Characteristics
Ø  Value Fields
Ø  Integration

Product Cost Controlling: ____________________________________________________5 Days
Ø  Overhead Cost Elements – Keys - Groups
Ø  Costing Sheets
Ø  Work Center
Ø  Costing Variants & Components
Ø  Price update
Ø  Variance
Ø  CO –PP Integration (Routing)
Ø  Reports

Closing:______________________________________________________________2 Days
Ø  Month End Activities
Ø  Year End Activities

Introduction to CIN, Report Painter & EHP 5 ___________________________________1 Day
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